About ProLight
Established in 2004, ProLight Opto has been providing customers products and services based on our high-power LED packaging technologies.

Along with the general trend of integrated development of the global LED industry, ProLight Opto became a key member of Ennostar Inc. in 2021. To catch up with the development trend of compound semiconductor technology, taking the advantages of Ennostar’s upstream resources and our strengths of high-power LED packaging technologies accumulated over more than 10 years, ProLight Opto will continue to lead the market in providing customers differentiated products of total LED solutions for various applications with our innovative technologies, diversified products and trustful services.

Realize the infinite possibilities of compound semiconductor applications.

Provide customers differentiated LED packaging technology with all-around service solutions.

* Customer Oriented - Fully meet customers’ design requirements of differentiated products.
* Flexible Manufacturing System – Provide small productions of customized varieties.
* Excellent Quality – Offer products with extremely high reliability from the combined capabilities of artificial intelligence and big data.
Announced mini LED featuring KSF phosphor which can deliver a WCG coverage up to 95%, and adopt exclusive humidity-resistant packaging technology.
Mass production of 700W 6-color in 1 module. CRI up to 97 in CCT 2700-7000K.
Announced the smallest Optical See-through Display led components 1012 (1.0x1.2mm) which was designed with technology of mini LED.
Epistar increased its shareholding to 52.5% to enhance mini LED development.
Achieved IATF 16949 quality certificate. First to announced inorganic package UVC LED with focused 30° viewing angle which was design with ProLight’s exclusive quartz sintering technology.
ProLight developed mini LED production line.
Announced 40W P-Star LED which is main product for entertainment lighting.
Mass Production of CSP 1616 with white wall technology to increase flux up to 10%.
Announced Automotive LED PLCC6 for trail lamp to enter Japan tier1 automotive market
Certified by CB05-107010-00、OHSAS 18001:2007
Certified by ISO 14001:2015
Mass Production of 3535 UV quartz LED, which is designed for UV curing and UV exposure machine.
First to announce the 6 color in 1 LED package with CRI 99, which provides the best lighting solution for opera house, museum, studio etc.
Achieved ISO/TS 16949 quality certificate to enter automobile market.
Announce new generation COB LED with 2-step MacAdam Ellipse to provide the best color uniformity.
Expanded capacity for module products. Mass production of DOB(Driver On Board)and DCOB (Driver & Chip On Board), which integrated driver IC and LED.
2014 Announced chip level package technology, 1414 CSP(Chip Scale Package), which can achieve over 250 lm at max. drive current of 1A.
Achieved Energy Star LM-80 certificate by ProLight’s TMHAL technology
Announced special color application for fresh food.
From capital raising through private equity, Epistar have become ProLight’s major shareholder and strategic partner
Moved into new factory in Zhongli industrial park with factory area of 7000 m²
Established the subsidiary company ShangHai Welight Electronic CO. LTD.
Announced CREE XP-E/XP-G compatible LED product in Phenix 3535 series.
Announced 10W RGBW 4 in 1 LED product in Hornet series
Developed up to 100W COB series and in mass production.
Announced 1W & 3W AC LED product
Announced LED product series for plant growth application.
First to develop high power LED product that meet the MSL level 1 standard, and eliminate dehumidification process of LEDs before reflow.
Certified by ISO 9001:2000 & 14001:2004 and RoHS Compliant.
First to launch LED package that can use reflow process.
First to launch the LED package series with Eutectic Technology in Taiwan.
Established the first high power LED production line with capacity at 1KK/monthly.
Company Founded in Taiwan.

Quality Policy

Total Customer Satisfaction Through Continuous Improvement.
Continuous improvement is driven by the voice of customer. Therefore, we must establish and maintain effective mechanism and ability in organization to verify, accept, and meet customer’s needs and expectations.

Environment, safety and health policy

  • Comply with laws and regulationComply with domestic and international related environment, safety and health laws, ordinances and other environment, safety and health requirements.
  • Energy saving and waste reductionComply with domestic and international related environment, safety and health laws, ordinances and other environment, safety and health requirements.
  • Hazard PreventionIdentify and eliminate significant potential hazards through hazard identification and risk assessment; The importance of employee safety protection policy, is to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace environment.
  • Continuous improvementWe will continue to maintain the effective operation of our environment, safety and health management system, enhance environment, safety and health performance, mitigate environmental impact and reduce the risk of harm.

Declaration of Minerals Conflict-Free

According EICC (Electronic Industry Code of Conduct behavior, EICC) pointed out that the mining and sale of "conflict minerals" has become the main income of armed rebel groups in Democratic Republic of the Congo. They use this income to buy arms, making bloody conflict, resulting in serious human rights violations and cause environmental problems. ProLight Opto will take responsibility to protect human rights and the environment. The policy of non-use conflict minerals is as follows: 1. ProLight Opto products do not use conflict minerals. 2. Request suppliers and their upstream suppliers do not use conflict minerals 3. Request suppliers investigate their supply chain carefully to assure they do not use conflict minerals in raw materials that are supplied to ProLight Opto.


ProLight Opto devotes itself to ECO product R&D and manufacture.
All ProLight’s products comply withthe RoHS requirements.


To ensure the reliability of the LED product, all of our LED products will go through strict LM-80 test standards to make sure our customers receive most reliable LED products.
LM-80 test have been recognized by the LED lighting market as thestandard for LED life and light quality.

Core Technology

Core Technology

ProLight Opto was initially focused on providing LED solution at the package level. With the requirement from customer, we gradually enter the stage of light source module and light engine design.

Accumulated 20-year experience in LED packaging, ProLight have built up a complete database of LED chips and phosphor formulations. Furthermore, this enable us to use our technological know-how into customized design products, new LED engine design and other niche LED applications.

ProLight’s LED research and development core technology puts great emphasis on quality and reliability. Combining reliable LED products with very competitive price, ProLight can offer its customers customized LED products and continuous innovation in LED technology.

As advancement in LED industry, ProLight became the first to develop the smallest (dimension) mini LED and in future we will extend our technology in developing micro LED. It is expected ProLight will become the leading packaging company in supplying the complete range of LED package platform.

ProLight invested around 10% of our revenue every year in research and development of new LED technology and products. By doing so we maintain our advantage in the competitive LED market with over 200 patents worldwide covering main region such as Taiwan/US/China/Europe.