ProLight Opto shows the new brand image

Established in 2004, ProLight Opto has been providing customers products and services based on our high-power LED packaging technologies. 


Along with the general trend of integrated development of the global LED industry, ProLight Opto became a key member of Ennostar Inc. in 2021.  To grasp the development trend of compound semiconductor technology, with the advantages of Ennostar’s upstream resources of Epitaxial Wafers & Dies, in the beginning of 2022 , ProLight Opto officially launched our new Vision : " Realize the infinite possibilities of compound semiconductor applications " and " Provide differentiated LED packaging technology to customers with all-around service solutions " as the Mission to comprehensively improve the product quality and customer satisfaction.


In addition, ProLight Opto has established a brand-new corporate identity system (CIS) at the same time to convey a new brand concept : innovative technologies, diversified products, and reliable services !  In the new CIS design, the double diamond symbol represents infinitely [∞] possible ambitions!  We add the red bullseye into the letter O to convey our upmost commitments to products and customer services.  The new logo represents ProLight Opto’s ambition toward the new technology era, and the staff’s creativity and innovative spirit !  ProLight Opto will stick to the strategy of differentiated manufacturing and service capabilities to create win-win relationships with partners as the ultimate goal!