ProLight develops new LEDs for medical market

In the past, LED was only used as simple indicator or display in medical market. However, with the continuous improvement of LED lighting technology such as various color temperature possibilities, narrow wavelength and high CR, which can solve the limitation of traditional light (Fluorescent lamp). Recently, LED lighting is used in LED surgical light, blood vessel lighting, endoscope and medical phototherapy.


The application of LED lighting in the medical industry can be divided into three categories: medical lighting, medical diagnosis and treatment. The main application of medical lighting is surgical light. The main function of surgical light is shadow-free illumination. Because clear and uniform light field is the most important thing for surgery or oral lighting, and high CRI can improve the recognition of vessel or nerve etc. ProLight opto launched a LED light source with dual color temperature of 3000K / 5000K along with a CRI value of 95 and an R9 > 80 to help surgeons to distinguish every subtle shade of tissue color. Dual-color design can be adjusted by surgeon’s preference of color temperature which is the basic function of high-end surgical lamp.

In medical diagnosis field, thanks to the tiny size of LED, it is suitable for endoscope or Capsule gastro scope. Since the temperature of the traditional light bulb is too high, it is not suitable for long use in the patient's body, in contrast LED is a cool light source which can eliminate the harm caused from heat of traditional light source. Furthermore, LED with high reliability and long life time is considered to be the best solution for endoscope. ProLight’s mini LED size has only 0.3mm x 0.2mm in size, which is suitable for Capsule gastro scope. Also, another LED solution can be used for general endoscope application, which have package size of 1.6mm x 1.6mm.

In LED medical treatment, narrow-band UVB is a brand-new technology for phototherapy. Due to the fact that LED can be made in narrower wavelength which can provide more focused power than traditional UVB lamp. ProLight’s UVB LED range between 309~311nm, which is the main wavelength for phototherapy. And it is designed with inorganic packaging can release full irradiation power.


Medical lighting is a professional field with high barrier to entry. However, as the improvement of LED lighting technology, LED can provide more reliable and accurate lighting effect, also, cool light source and long life time can improve the quality of medical environment.