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2018-08-08 ProLight Opto announced the headlamp generation II - Pro-CSP Headlamp series

ProLight’s automotive headlamp generation II- Pro-CSP Headlamp series adopts chip scale package (CSP) technology into headlamp to improve flux up to 18% (compare with the previous version.)


ProLight is continuously pursuing innovation in automotive lamp field to provide better solution for heat dissipation. Integrate CSP technology into headlamp application which can control the lumen loss within 11% (Relative Luminous Flux @ Th = 70℃) to improve the luminous efficiency. Due to the flip chip technology of CSP, which can reduce the heat resistance and dissipate quicker to maintain better lumens at operating state. Furthermore, by using flip chip technology can eliminate the risk of broken gold wire, hence improving the overall reliability.
Regarding the optical aspect of the package, ProLight have adopted the same phosphor coating tech as previous version. Therefore when using the standard headlamp housing, the superior beam cut off line can still be maintained and will not have problem passing the current automotive standards. 


All series are including 2-chip / 3-chip / 4-chip / 5-chip and passed AEC Q101 test, the footprint and optics design are compatible with Oslon and Ostar Headlamp Pro, which can be replaced and upgraded easily.




ProLight focus on developing high power LED applications and customization services. We wish to provide the best LED soultion for our customers.


Product information http://www.prolightopto.com/eng/product_detail.php?bgid=9&gid=97

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