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2018-05-10 ProLight plant grow LED series

The market for LED grow light have become one of the main LED applications. With LED prices drop, it is expected that the market scale for plant growth will expand rapidly in the future.According to the latest data of LEDinside, the global LED market for horticulture lighting recorded a value of US$52 million in 2017, and the number is expected to reach US$150 million by 2022. Furthermore it is expected LED usage will expand from plant factory to the household grow light box. ProLight continue to develop plant grow LED series and co-operate with plant grow light manufacturer and academic institution in USA, Finland, Sweden and Belgium etc.ProLight’s LED performance and quality have been well acknowledged in this field.



ProLight plant grow LED series is designed with exclusive technology, which can reduce heat resistance and avoid vulcanization. Its reliability with long life time are better than other brands. The package comes in 3W 3535 and 0.5W 3030, the main wavelength are 450nm (royal Blue), 660nm (crimson), 730nm (cherry red), the LM-80 passed and binned by PPF.





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